1948 Cleveland Indians, No. 19 Bob Feller

cleveland indians vintage uniform

Uniform & Team History A team that truly broke the hearts of Boston baseball fans. After beating the Red Sox in a one-game playoff, the 1948 Cleveland Indians went on to defeat the Boston Braves in the World Series. Oldtime Game History Longtime Oldtime Baseball Game coach Brian Carey  has made this uniform his own, […]

1948 Birmingham Black Barons, No. 8 Willie Mays

Uniform & Team History Seventeen-year-old Willie Mays appeared in 13 games for the ’48 Black Barons, who defeated the Negro American League Championship Series but lost to the Homestead Grays in the World Series. Oldtime Game History Introduced to the Oldtime Baseball Game in 2009, it was first worn by Brian Casey of Tufts University. […]

1945 Cleveland Buckeyes

1945 Cleveland Buckeyes

Uniform & Team History Led by player-manager Quincy Trouppe, the 1945 Buckeyes defeated the Homestead Grays in the Negro League World Series. Trouppe was 39 years old when he made his major-league debut with the Cleveland Indians in 1952, making him one of the oldest “rookies” in baseball history. Oldtime Game History Introduced to the […]

1944 Seventh Army Air Force, No. 5 Joe DiMaggio

Uniform & Team History The Yankee Clipper played for this team at Hickam Army Air Force Base during World War II. Oldtime Game History Malden native Kevin McGlinchy, who pitched in the big leagues for the Atlanta Braves in 1999 and 2000, wore this uniform when he came out of retirement in 2012 to pitch […]

1941 Hollywood Stars, No. 4 Ham Schulte

Hollywood Stars baseball

Uniform & Team History This navy blue uniform from the Pacific Coast League features chenille lettering and the number on the back encased in a star. Wearing No. 4 for the Stars in 1941 was second baseman Ham Schulte, who one year earlier played in the major leagues for the Philadelphia Phillies. The top was […]

1969 Chicago Cubs, No. 3 Lennie Merullo

1969 Chicago Cubs, No. 3 Lennie Merullo

Uniform & Team History When former Chicago Cub and longtime scout Lennie Merullo was invited back to Wrigley Field in 1969 to participate in an oldtimers game, this is the uniform he was given— even though he never actually wore No. 3 for the Cubs.. A No. 21 uniform was provided for him in 1999 […]

1941 Chicago Cubs, No. 21 Lennie Merullo

Uniform & Team History The long-time New England scout wore No. 21 when he broke into the big leagues with the Chicago Cubs. This uniform was added to our collection when Lennie joined the Oldtime Baseball Game as a coach in 1999, but he brought along an original Cubs road uniform, No. 3, which he […]

1940 Ethiopian Clowns

Uniform & Team History Originally from Miami, this famous barnstorming team from the Negro Leagues moved to Cincinnati in 1943. The Ethiopian Clowns were heralded as much for their on-field shenanigans as their stellar play. Oldtime Game History Worn by former Red Sox pitcher Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd in 2004. He was to have pitched […]