Uniform & Team History

When former Chicago Cub and longtime scout Lennie Merullo was invited back to Wrigley Field in 1969 to participate in an oldtimers game, this is the uniform he was given— even though he never actually wore No. 3 for the Cubs.. A No. 21 uniform was provided for him in 1999 when he joined our Oldtime Baseball Game as a coach (See: 1941 Chicago Cubs), but he chose to wear his No. 3 uniform. He continued to wear the No. 3 uniform in the Oldtime Baseball Game every year from 1999 through 2009.

In 2010, Joe Curran of the University of Southern Maine became the first player to wear Lennie’s No. 3 in the Oldtime Baseball Game.

Lennie lived to be 98 years old, passing away on May 30, 2015. He is remembered at each Oldtime Baseball Game with a banner displayed at St. Peter’s Field.

Also worn by:

Darren Hartwell, Williams College (’11, 15-16); Ryan Delgado, Wentworth Institute of Technology (’12). (The uniform has been returned to the Merullo family to avoid wear and tear.)