Boston vs. BulliesBoston vs. Bullies ( is an award-winning educational program that leverages the power and example of Boston sports to help stop bullying in our schools and in our community.

The entire Boston sports community has rallied and is united behind Boston vs. Bullies. Nine current Boston athletes (including Mookie Betts of the Red Sox, Patrick Chung of the Patriots, Aly Raisman of they Olympics, Torey Krug of the Bruins and five others) are featured in the video-based educational program, which to date has been experienced by more than 30,000 upper elementary and middle school students in the Greater Boston Area.

At the end of the day, everyone involved with bullying is in need of some answers:

Boston vs Bullies provides these answers in the form of practical guidance and strategies, all delivered by our featured athletes in compelling fashion and all grounded in the latest and very best antibullying research.

Our passionate quest to stop bullying in the Greater Boston Area continues. Thanks for being part of our team and helping the kids of our community.