Uniform & Team History

Harry Heilmann hit .398 for the 1927 Detroit Tigers, leading the American League and finishing second in MVP voting behind Lou Gehrig. Heilmann was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1952.

Oldtime Game History

As if to prove that baseball uniforms mean different things to different people, consider David Graham of Cambridge Rindge & Latin School. Invited to play in the game in 2000, he asked for this uniform for no other reason than because a few years earlier he had played for the Tigers in the Cambridge Babe Ruth League. He went on to wear it again in 2001 and 2002 while playing for Brandeis University.

James Greeley wore this uniform in 2007 and ’08 during his days as a pitcher at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. He returned to the Oldtime Baseball Game as a coach in 2013 and climbed into his old 1927 Detroit Tigers uniform and wore it for several more years.

Also worn by:

Josh Powell, coach (’98); Cary McConnell, coach (’99); Garrett Tingle, Emerson College (’03); Buddy Hanley, Clark University (’04); Ben Conn, Bryant University (’06); Jack Arend, Bates College (’17); Tyler Cedeno, Roger Williams University (’19); Ryan Noone, Tufts University (’21); Kevin MacIntyre, Bentley University (alum) (’22).